Afternoon Tea Catering in Hardwicke, Gloucester

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Forget the evening meal, the best thing next to a brunch menu has to be afternoon tea, surely?
Feedback from a recent wedding 😀

It's always good to know a chef! These guests that we know were having family over for afternoon tea, so we volunteered out services, if we could photograph the food we were serving.
They say less is more, but on this day it proved that actually, more is more.......
 Afternoon tea is all about the best sandwiches, but simple works best, as you don't want to confuse the taste of the tea too much. 
Here we have ham & watercress, Smoked salmon & chive marscapone, beef & rocket, cucumber & cream cheese and everyone's favourite egg & cress

Savoury style homemade crumpets with parma ham and lemon chutney
We normally serve  a couple of savoury items along with the sandwiches, scones and cakes - it's the way my Grandmother used to do it, so I kind of keep the family tradition going!

Homemade lattice sausage rolls - everyone's favourite when they go out slightly warm from the oven!
Melty chorizo and gruyère cheese danish. 
Last year I went on a croissant & danish pastry making day course. Making your own is time consuming, but infinitely better quality and taste. Plus you get to choose your fillings!
 Fondant fancies. 
Blue food!
 Chocolate eclairs - you can't beat them!
 Double chocolate torte - dark & milk chocolate
Chelsea buns. Tear them apart at the table.  
 Fruit tartlets
 Jammy dodgers
These should actually come with a warning label - HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! I finished off the spares in one go that night......
Recipe comes from Ms Marmitelovers Afternoon Tea book.
 Rose and lemon flavoured macarons
Individual lemon meringue pies
 Pecan pie
 Ubiquitous scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. 
At the end of the day the simple things are often the best, and you can't beat a good scone, right?
Vanilla, blackberry and pistachio danish. 
Also great to eat on the go. Just saying........

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