Ahoy Me 'Arty! Pirate Themed Children's Party Near Cheltenham

Sunday, January 08, 2017
You can have your Michelin starred foods an' all, but you can't beat a good kids party, right?
This one was right at the end of last September, and the good old English weather as it is, plans had to be changed in the few days before this 7th birthday party, going from an outdoor bouncy castle party, to an indoor one in the village hall next door to the birthday girl's house - convenient, That's where we came in, 2 days before the event. Always here to help!
Shiver me timbers! It's a pirate galleon watermelon with fruit skewers for a starter. Those Japanese skewers work great as oars  
Pirate watermelon in panorama shot
Pirate watermelon with fruit skewers
Jolly Roger pirate plates with cucumber pirate faces, carrot swords and cherry tomato boats waiting for the main addition - chicken goujons and chips in newspaper cones.
Was sculpting these cucumber faces with Red Leicester cheese bandanas from 4am.... as you do.
Carrot swords - a bit of early morning work with the craft knife
Pieces of Eight! Pirate party table - minimalism is so over!