Gravity birthday cake with jelly bean ice cream for children's TV characters theme night

Sunday, January 10, 2016
For four years now we've been cooking for this corporate group over 3 days in different venues in the Cotswolds. Based in all parts of the UK they meet up once a year in the Cotswolds. Each year is a different fancy dress theme, and they really go to town on it. And each year they have practiced some new musical offering in pairs which forms the post-meal evening entertainment.

This year their fancy dress night (children's tv character from accross the years) happened to coincide with a fiftieth birthday, so in keeping with the Children's party theme we made a chocolate gravity cake with smarties, chocolate fingers and marshmallows. Then, after the requisite photo op served it as dessert with jelly bean ice cream and prosecco jelly. Good job calories don't count after 9pm......

Jelly was so popular we had to send out the spares too!

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