Sole roulades with saffron risotto, mussel broth and french beans wrapped in pancetta served near Cirencester

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
From a 50th birthday we served in the middle of June for a family from the States staying near Cirencester on the Cotswolds leg of their UK trip. They were so overjoyed with everything we served (this was preceded by a soufflé starter and followed by a trio of desserts and this was after their delivery meal we made for them the day before).  
 It's always good to be part of that special moment for people's birthdays!
There's a sole mousse which binds these together with the herbs picked from outside my kitchen window.


Stasher said...

Wow, what a flavour burst! I feel hungry, great pictures

James said...

Flavour burst - yes! There's no point in doing things by halves :)