2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge - P is for Picnic loaf: ham, egg and tomato filled tiger loaf

Friday, April 18, 2014
The local business we regularly make lunch buffets for always look forward to our arrival and fight for first place in the queue. They're never sure what they'll get - it depends what recipes/ ideas we fancy trying out. 
Ham and egg picnic loaf
I had wanted to try out a picnic loaf for years - just never got round to it till last year. You cut the very end off the bread and scoop/ tear out the insides of the loaf. Then dice a bit of the bread inside and mix it with whatever you like. I did this with ham, egg, tomato, pepper, onion, rocket bound with mayo. You need to bind your ingredients with either cream cheese or mayo to make it stick together. 
Fill the inside of the loaf with your filling making sure every space in the loaf is filled & almost overflowing. Place the sliced end of the loaf back on and place on a tray/ plate and cover with cling film. Refrigerate for at least an hour to help the filling 'set'. Then you can slice it - use a very sharp serrated knife. 

This looks impressive for a picnic or summer buffet. 


Stromboli is a similar idea - the filling is added to raw bread dough and baked inside. Ideally it should be pinwheel in appearance - should have rolled out the one below wider.......
A fusion of Caribbean and Italian ideas? This was Caribbean style chicken and fresh coconut in the middle of bread dough.

Caribbean style chicken stromboli 


Kathe W. said...

thanks for the ideas- I will have to try these! Cheers!

M said...

I love stromboli! The picnic loaf looked wonderful as well.