2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge - F is for Fabergé avocado

Monday, April 07, 2014
The great thing about the A to Z blogging challenge? I've finally gone through that archive of old pics on the hard drive and found 3 years worth of unused things. Like this avocado event that MsMarmitelover hosted on 27 October 2011 and I helped cook at - it's taken this long to get round to posting all this. This is the story of my life as it stands. I should point out that all these ideas are hers - I just get to do the handiwork.

'I try out one.... you make the rest!' MsMarmitelover is a typical chef!
This avocado themed meal was for The Avocado Brotherhood (now there's an interesting blog!) and each course had avocado as a star ingredient. Just as we had cleaned all the kitchen and were waiting for her guests to arrive she looked around the kitchen at all the prep - "Do you think this is too much avocado?" Going to one of her events you certainly get something you wouldn't get anywhere else - nobody else would put that much work in to it!.

The fabergé avocado was based on a faint recollection of some idea she had seen once, then made into something of her own: the way the best things are created!
The filling was mango salsa mixed ["Here! Chop this!] with ponzu dressing (before ponzu was really popular). We cut the avocados in half, de-stoned them, filled with the mango salsa and put the halves back together. Then rolled in a mix of black sesame, chopped pistachio, pink peppercorns, dried marigold and cornflours. Maybe some other things from the vast collection of spices, salts, peppers which fill every available space of her kitchen. They certainly created a stunning centrepiece sat on rock salt. Getting the things to stand up - now that was fun!

Whoever knew avocados were so versatile!

Avocado pisco sour. 
Tuna steak seared on the aga with guacamole

Avocado creme brulee - before initial baking (would this also be good savoury?)
Avocado and lime sorbet
Avocado truffles (avocado maximalisation!)
Trying to get ripe avocadoes? So difficult! The Avocado Brotherhood had sent her so many to make this meal - so many there were all these left over! What better thing to create than an avocado suite
Pumpkin and marmite in the dining room - got that autumn feel!

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Lynda Dietz said...

These look wonderful! I love anything with avocado and would probably eat a twig if it had avocado cubes impaled on it.