2014 A to Z Blogging Challenge - C is for Caffè Affogato & Carrot and orange cake

Thursday, April 03, 2014
"Is there a dessert deli round the corner or something?" asked one of the guests at the Italian themed birthday dinner I cooked for last Saturday near Fossebridge. They couldn't understand how so much can come from one kitchen in such a short time while I was cooking and serving on my own. Magic.
Assiette of desserts with caffee affogato (left), prosecco and berry jelly (middle), tirimisu (right), then 2 non-Italian style desserts (it was their choice after all!) apple tarte tatin (hiding at the back and millionaires shortbread at the front.

Affogato al caffè to be precise. Affogato means drowned in Italian, so this is literally vanilla ice cream drowned in coffee. Now I'm thinking how good would this be with Baileys ice cream? Or whisky and honey ice cream?

Ice cream recipe - vanilla

Need an ice cream recipe for the affogato? Try this one (re-posted from the recent pistachio ice cream)

There are 2 routes you can go down with ice cream - the custard based route or the Phildelphia style (without egg - not because it contains Philadelphia cheese) route. I much prefer the Philadelphia version for my events - saves so may problems with pregnant guests, who, although I would use pasteurised egg still are wary of eating it.  Better safe than sorry!
I use the Philadelphia ice cream recipe from the book (now fallen apart at the spine) that I got in '95 - the summer I'd finished A levels and tested many of the recipes during that summer with the fruit from our garden - Ices: The Definitive Guide.
These days you can use vanilla paste (see rigtht) rather than infusing & scraping vanilla beans - faster & cheaper & tastes very good! Make your own vanilla essence is coming up on the A to Z letter 'T'.

To make another type of ice cream you can miss out the vanilla and add something else using the same recipe - fruit puree for example or another of my favourites is a ginger version - add ginger wine (about 150 ml) and chopped stem ginger.

375ml   Milk
50g      Caster sugar
125ml  Condensed milk
250ml  Double cream
Pinch of salt
1/4 - 1/2 tsp vanilla paste to taste.

1. Heat a small bit of the milk in a pan with the sugar till the sugar melts, then take it off the heat to cool. No point putting all the milk in - just takes longer to cool down, so longer time till you can start making ice cream. 
2. Add all  the remaining ingredients with the sugar/ milk and mix together till combined. 
3. Churn in the ice cream machine. If you don't have an ice cream machine there is a link to still freezing method here

Should make 1 litre. 
Italian meat and cheese sharing platter starter at the Italian themed birthday meal near Fossebridge

Had to use this board they had at the house for the feta and grape  foccacia

C is also for Carrot and orange cake. Another recipe I purloined for one of our lunch parties from The Ginger Bread Lad's blog - see recipe here. I left Shawn icing this & grating zest on top while I was doing something else.... think he got carried away. Sure tasted of orange though!  

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Mars said...

Can I put a blog on speed dial? I really must buy some chocolate or something before I come and look in here - again, YUM!

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James said...

@Mars - still working on lickable blog pics ;)

Cathy Dean said...

You've reminded me of when Moran's in Cheltenham first opened in the early 80's. My friends and I (in the 6th form at the time) used to think it was the height of sophistication because their pudding menu offered you whatever flavour ice-cream you wanted, with the liqueur of your choice poured over the top. I can still recall the taste of hazelnut ice-cream and Baileys...Happy Days...

James said...

Moran's look nice - I should get out more!....

Hazelnut ice cream and Baileys? Now there's a combination. Might make a good cheesecake combo too. Or coffee additions. Also hazelnut and Baileys meringue cake is the first thing that comes up on google search - that's one to try!