Crêpe suzette flambé au Grand Manier for a hen party near Burford, Oxfordshire

Wednesday, March 26, 2014
"We were after a sophisticated hen party...." said the organiser as we were setting up " naked men or willy straws, so this is perfect!"
We laughed. In 8 years we've seen it all. And more! Being more down to earth we can handle - no problem!
The hen had specifically requested crêpe suzette flambé au Grand Manier - always a first time! Actually always wanted to try it. Used this recipe for the pancakes & sauce (always so well tried & tested) and we put it all together at the house before serving the starter. When the recipe says 'a little extra Grand Marnier, for flaming' I took a little to mean a lot. Why do things by halves? It helped that the kitchen and dining room were combined so they didn't have far to go to the table & stay alight. I also added candied orange zest on top.

The ones we served didn't have quite so much sauce as the lake above - it had taken a couple of times to grab a pic of the Grand Manier alight (why I'm a chef not a food photographer).....
Pancakes heating in the sauce
"They look a bit... orange" said Shannon who was waitressing. I rather thought that was the point.
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