Using clementines, passionfruit, oranges and pineapple shells as serving 'bowls' for a buffet lunch delivery

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Lunch buffets in the middle of your one day training course - same old same old right? Or maybe not. I like to try out new things on the lunch buffets we do (another one tomorrow). After baking the chocolate cake in an orange (you get a great orange flavour from the skin) I tried a few other things in the following weeks back in June last year (only just catching up with the backlog of pics).  
Chocolate cake baked in an orange
Fruit salad in a clementine shell.
Coconut and passionfruit panna cotta served in the emptied passionfruit shells - best use of ingredients?
Fruit salad in pineapple. Also want to try out a coconut cake baked in pineapple shell.... AND meringue baked in the pineapple shell. 
Lemon drizzle cake cooked in a pineapple shell

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