Pineapple lemon drizzle cake cooked in pineapple rings

Monday, November 11, 2013
So you've cut the pineapple rings out, then what do you do with the pineapple skin? I was just about to chuck the skins away and Sean says "You can do something with those can't you?" Well necessity is the mother of invention they say, so this is what we did. Another addition to the cakes-cooked-in-unusual-'tins' opus.
It snowed heavily with icing sugar.......
Lemon drizzle cake cooked inside the hollowed out pineapple shell. The pineapple skin gives it flavour as it cooks. Then boil up the pineapple core (the core you cut out to make the rings - see how to cut pineapple rings in a post from 2010 here) along with lemon juice and sugar and use this as the drizzle to drizzle over the cake when it is cooked. Meanwhile the pineapple rings went with coconut and lime panna cotta.

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