Italian sharing platter style wedding menu tasting in Cheltenham

Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Sharing platters seem to be the new thing for 2014 weddings - we have had so many enquiries. It's great for a more informal feel - everyone shares platters around the table which gets them all talking and it feels more like a family meal rather than a corporate event. Also rather than a traditional buffet it means nobody has to get up from the table - much easier. I have a large collection of vintage platters which we use - each plate has a story......
This couple in Cheltenham wanted an Italian theme menu for their wedding tasting - my favourite. This is what we came up with together......

Smoked salmon with marsacpone and rocket
Asparagus spears wrapped in parma ham

Canape spinach and pine nut stuffed mushrooms. Originally we had suggested the idea of using the mushrooms instead of bread as a pizza base - then changed it to this. 
Canape breaded mozzarella bites (with panko breadcrumbs)
Starter platter of grilled vegetables and Italian style cured meats with ricotta stuffed peppadew peppers and caper berries 
Italian style cheese platter - gorgonzola, taleggio, buffalo mozarella, parmesan, Italian goats cheese
Saffron arancini, fresh anchovies, olives and grilled halloumi. Originally part of the antipasti we decided it worked as canapes. 
Baked chicken marinated in balsamic, fresh thyme and oregano
Italian style butterflied roasted leg of lamb
Melanzane Parmigiana from Ms Marmitelover's book. They liked it so much it all disappeared and rather than just having it as a vegetarian choice they decided to have it more as a main course accompaniment for everyone. 
Peaches baked in marsala topped with amaretti biscuits - sometimes the simple things are the best. They loved them! Served with vanilla marscapone
Zucotto. This was a recipe I saw while having lunch the day before (no time is wasted). On the outside is lemon drizzle cake, inside vanilla cream with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Then it is pressed and turned out and coated in white chocolate ganache and sprinkled with coconut. Absolute dessert heaven!
There was also tirimisu cheesecake - amaretti biscuits as a base, coffee and amaretto cheesecake filling, whipped vanilla cream and chocolate on top.
I also had mini lemon tarts and prosecco jelly from another party the night before so served these as well. They might go for all 5 as small versions. 
What a feast this will be!

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