Christmas sandwich buffet - fun style!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
It's nearly the end of October and everyone else is using the 'c' word so here it is again: Christmas is on the way - you know it's true! So if you can't beat 'em join 'em!
Turkey, red pepper, spinach and cream cheese tortilla pinwheel. It's nice when ideas you have in the middle of the night turn out. 
 We've been making regular lunch buffets for this client for their training courses over 2 years. Last Christmas we made 2 Christmas theme events - always good to try something different!
Salt beef, rocket and horseradish snowman sandwich. The eyes are black olives, the nose - well a carrot naturally! And the'buttons are pink peppercorns all stuck on with cream cheese. Fun, no?!
Another turkey variation on another day - this was turkey, spinach and cranberry. Classy photo - was in a rush-rush-rush........
Poppy seed cracker santas. When I did these again I cut the gherkins smaller - second time lucky! Pepperonie hats and caper eyes. 
Rudolf pork and beetroot chutney sandwiches with red pepper noses and pretzel horns. 
Frangipane mince spies among other Christmas style cakes
It'll be Easter eggs next!

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