Chocolate cake baked in an orange. Warning: make lots of extras - they are addictive!

Friday, September 13, 2013
Just delivered to  a lunch buffet for a regular client - lucky people!
After the fruit salad in clementine and lemon sorbet in a lemon as part of a dessert for a dinner party I thought why not make a cake inside an orange - rather like the 'cup' cake I made last year. Chocolate cake seemed like the natural thing - you can't argue with chocolate and orange. The cake takes on the orange flavour as it bakes and tastes so fresh. I used this chocolate cake recipe - you can't go wrong with Mary Berry. I was addicted to one of her books when I was 12. It's amazing to see she's made such a comeback - deservedly so.

I found you probably only need to fill the oranges 1/3 of the way up. But this may be because I had made my own baking powder mix (had run out) so it was rather lively. They probably took longer to cook too (heat has to get through the orange skin before it can cook the cake inside).

It would be interesting to try it with limes and a white chocolate cake mix or a key lime cake mix.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting recipe! I will have to try it. I LOVE chocolate and orange together. Christina

James said...

Try it - you might like it! Did another one today in a pumpkin.