Jalapeno poppers and mango glazed cod for a Mexican themed menu

Thursday, August 08, 2013
This goes back to 7th June. Theme menus are great - it's always good to try out new things, but it's always amazing how much preparation there is and how long it takes - so many components. So busy we ran out of time for taking many pics (as usual)......


Jalapeno poppers
Used this recipe. Jalapeno poppers where have you been all my life? A must-do-again thing!

Cheesy nachos
Salmon ceviche in a tortilla cone
These are the tortilla cones - a labour of love. Trick is to soak them in water briefly so you can mold them into shape before baking. Do a lot more than you need!

Garlic flatbread
Mexican spiced chicken and prawn skewers 


Mango glazed cod 
That time when you wish you had one spare! Used this mango marinade recipe

Taco shells with mexican beef and tex-mex chicken with bowls of tomatoes, onion rings, salsa, sweetcorn. guacamole, iceberg, cucumber and cheese so guests can make their own tacos how they like them!

Mexican style grilled leg of lamb with mohito dressing


Tex-mex salad
like this one from a few years ago
Spicy Mexican rice
Lime and coriander sweet potato wedges

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