Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Croquembouche - sure! I'll try that. 3 generations celebrating how many 4 or 5 birthdays? Granny had asked for croquembouche. Whatever Granny wants Granny gets!
Oh - you can't see the spun sugar on the iphone photo. Had fun making it though!

Assistant chef Brad spinning sugar around the croquembouche


Lucy said...

Although I enjoy making choux pastry and have made profiteroles, the idea of making a whole croquembouche has always terrified me. This one looks very impressive though!

James said...

Terrified me too - until someone asked for it. And wanted to pay for it! I find this is a great motivator. Get one of your family to ask for it for a birthday/ Christmas! Great fun to make. We stuck the profiteroles with white chocolate - safer than caramel because you can chill in the fridge at various points to make it stick together. You have to be careful with the caramel version due to humidity & room temperature otherwise it can collapse. Also the cream in the profiteroles can go off if done too early on a summers day - you hear of wedding nightmares like this. I knew one pastry chef that started at 4am on the day of his own wedding to make his own croquembouche - couldn't trust anyone else!
Meh - take a deep breath and just go for it!

Unknown said...

Great job! At least it didn{t tilt over like the leaning tower of Pisa as mine did. (Due to rain)

James said...

Just found your comment - been too busy to function.

Actually we did have a leaning tower of Pisa moment - we both had to catch it and someone else patched it back up, then we got it in the fridge to harden up quickly - the good thing about using chocolate! All fun!