Pan Asian theme meal near Shipston on Stour

Friday, March 01, 2013
These Pan Asian meals are quickly turning into my favourite events to do - it's the flavours!
Pan de sal bread rolls - turned out better than last time's. You roll them in breadcrumbs on the sides which gives an interesting texture.
Spring rolls with beef and duck

Asian chicken and lettuce wraps (pictured here just before rolling them up. Flavours!
Sesame prawn toast - staple

Main courses

Volcano chicken - pictured here before cooking. so called because the marinade turns it rather dark, then you pour whisky over and flame it as it goes to the table. Pretty impressive - they all sang happy birthday as we took it in. Quite an amusing dish - you sit it on an empty drinks can half filled with stock which steam-cooks it from the inside. While picturing this I must have smudged the lens - hence the rest of the pics, but the view finder's broken so there was no way of knowing till later..... c'est la vie (le sigh)
Salt and pepper squid with szechuan pepper - amazing! The simple things are often the best. 
Blackened cod - with spiralized carrots - vegetable spiralizer gives endless fun!
Crispy shredded beef from this recipe - wow tasted so good. The whole lot went - they loved it.  After frying it  you toss it in a dressing of rice wine vinegar, chilli sauce and soy.


Coconut cheesecake adapted from this recipe with mango sorbet - use Nice biscuits for the  base to keep the coconut flavours going. 


Lucy said...

The food all looks delicious - love the volcano chicken idea. I'm not sure I've properly cooked Asian food ever before so I'm inspired to get experimenting!

James said...

You should - it's so good! The volcano chicken gets you bumper gold stars when you take it to the table on fire.....