"To infinity.... and beyond!" - Catering for a four year old's birthday party

Sunday, February 03, 2013
The most fun JJ had had in ages. Me too. He was was in full Buzz Lightyear regalia while I had the more conventional chef jacket.... one day.....
Scary watermelon - this was dessert.... more about that later. 
"You're my favourite deputy!" JJ's mum supplied the plates - aren't they great! Chicken goujons & chips - where can you go wrong? "What do you want to go with them?" she had asked him "carrots and cucumber" he said. So that's just what we did!
So what do you do between 2:30 and 5:30 on a Saturday morning? Me I like to sit and carve shapes out of cucumbers. Well I did that morning anyway (after the watermelons from midnight). There's no such thing as a quick job - all those bits had to be cut out by hand with a craft knife and for the eyes I found one of my olive stoners was just the right size. Then you have to fix them with piped cream cheese and putting on the face pieces with the craft knife. Time consuming to say the least - but worth it!
Suprised face - these were slightly larger so seemed to stick on by themselves. Wasn't looking forward to transporting them to the venue though.
 Another of JJ's likes is watermelon. I've tried a few watermelon shapes before - now it time for a few different ones. Such fun to make! I thought these would make ideal holders for the fruit skewers to dip in chocolate fondue.
Had to fix the ship up a bit before serving - transportation and all that.......
Chocolate fondue
You can see the fin on the back of this one.  
Hey quit making those peppercorn eyes at me! The skewers with beads on are great for a kids party.
In the seventeen years I've been doing events this has to be the fastest one I've ever done - very soon it was time for us to be off again on our mission to save the galaxy from the evil emperor Zurg.


theundergroundrestaurant said...

I LOVE the melons. I've been wanting to have a go at that myself, is it hard?

James said...

Yes they're very you - takes a long time to do, but is very rewarding... and gone in an instant when they go out. I took some pics from google images so I could know what I was working towards - if you're good at drawing you could draw some plans before you start so you know where to cut - the same way you plan out cross stitch.

Making some with hens at a hen party canapé class this weekend.