Triple chocolate panna cotta

Monday, November 19, 2012
So we made this for a party last Saturday. 
This is one we turned out this morning to have a look. As you do. Oh and eat it of course. As you do.

We used this recipe - but just altered it to suit working on our 150ml moulds. Divided the mix into 3 and then  alternated white chocolate, milk and dark. Added a bit more dark chocolate to get a better differentiation in colour.

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Stasher said...

what a tease, where is the recipe?

James said...

Oh yeah - hadn't linked it. Must have been in a rush. Fixed that. You set each colour chocolate separately - takes 1 - 2 hours in the fridge depending on how cold & packed your fridge is. Also make sure the mix is room temp when you pour it in - if it's too hot it melts the layer you pour it on top. Also don't pour from high height - hold it and pour like a glass of champagne - too high and it makes too much pressure and you can end up breaking the layer below and the 2 colours would get mixed up.