Apple strudel for a buffet

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
 Apple strudel from an event in September - 750 covers over 4 days - phew! As soon as the last lunch for a party of 54 had been served it was time to clear up and get ready for the party of 80 to arrive. This was one of their desserts which we served as buffet style. It was actually seriously tasty!
Recipe from here - you could really taste the orange.

You can also add mincemeat for a Christmassy flavour.

English street food wedding catering near Redditch, Worcestershire

Monday, October 22, 2012
"So what we were thinking was street food...... but English....." said the bride and groom to be when I met them at the beginning of this year. The bride had Malaysian family, while the groom had english - so this was the perfect way to suit both families. The Malaysian contingent would expect having a number of dishes on the table from which they could serve themselves, so this seemed a good way of introducing them to some more english styles of food.

A few years ago we served a thai menu as overlarge canapes - a cross between canapés and finger buffet but served like canapés on individual mini plates by waiting staff as guests stood chatting. The bride and groom to be wanted to go for very much the same kind of idea for this event, but for the guests to be seated at the table.

What was more this was to be served up from an open kitchen - while we do lots of events in houses where the dining area is open plan with the kitchen so you're effectively cooking in front of the guests it is not so common for marquee weddings - but we'll try anything! The guests seemed to love looking over at what was coming to their table.
 "I love the sky in this one!" said Alys - part time chef, part time photography student. This was the real colour of the sky at around 2pm. You can guess what happened next.......
Weddings in tipis - I love them. This was the bar/ lounge/ dancefloor area with a more traditional marquee tacked on to the back for dining. So much more character than just a normal marquee!
As guests arrived we served mulled cider - a great winter warmer!
Open kitchen - almost ready to go........
English street food

If only street food was as popular in this country as it is in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and so on. If it was, I think these dishes might be something street vendors might serve.......
Mini beef wellington with red wine sauce
Beef wellington around midnight the night before.
Beef wellington - before the top - spinach, wild mushrooms and chicken liver pate inside
Chicken in Herefordshire cider and apples - served in individual bread tartlets
With so many different dishes I wanted to serve each on a different style of plate - this one we served in bread tartlets - 1 per person. You butter the bread, mould them into yorkshire pudding tins and bake them. So if you're really hungry at the wedding you can even eat the bowl!
Lancashire hot pot
Bubble and squeak cakes on watercress salad in bamboo boats
Found these bamboo boats for the bubble and squeak above - looked quite good!
Good old english fish (goujons) and chips 
There was also leek and potato pie which we served on mini sur le plate dishes with a heart shaped puff pastry lid - but unfortunately with so much going on we didn't manage to snap that one.

Mini desserts 

After so much food the bride suggested fruit salad which we served in a shotglass
The all time english favourite - sticky toffee pudding with sticky toffee sauce
Mini lemon meringue roulade and  mini chocolate torte
Also in background left were mini wild elderberry (had fun picking those in the rain a couple of days before) and white chocolate cheesecake and mini pecan pie


Strawberry and banana shortbread meringue

Monday, October 08, 2012
This has to be the ultimate shortbread no? Did this at the beginning of September. Hard to see maybe - camera viewfinder had broken so we had to hope for the best - they don't last long in this place with so much going on all the time....
Strawberry and banana meringue 'shortbread' - biscuit base like you would use for cheesecake base, buttercream on top, bananas sliced on top, strawberries on top of those and then Italian meringue piped on top and glazed with blow torch. There was a recipe which we had and adapted (originally cream on top instead of meringue), but can't find now - watch this space......
In production - you set the base first then the rest goes on top. We realised afterwards it would be much better to cut out the base into squares, then put the bananas, strawberries and meringue on top once they were cut - much neater. You live & learn!