Italian themed wedding buffet delivery in Blockley, Gloucestershire

Sunday, September 23, 2012
With half of the guests being Italian there was an Italian theme going on with this wedding buffet we delivered  to Blockley yesterday.
Pesto pinwheel bread - with 2 weddings and 4 dinner parties every  baking tray I own was being used by the time I was making this on Saturday morning so some of them went in yorkshire pudding tins - works just as well - they came out looking like pesto pinwheel yorkshires. 
Rosemary flatbread with blue cheese, grapes and honey
Roast Home Farm silverside of beef with parmesan, figs and toasted almonds
Herb roast salmon - raw ready to go in the oven. Nice and colourful no?
Herb roasted salmon with beluga lentil, orange and feta salad 
Saffron poached chicken with French bean, artichoke and red onion salad

Artichoke and pinenut filo tart (not shown)
Aubergine caponata (not shown)

Grilled butternut squash, spinach, beetroot and toasted seed salad - like this one
New potato, roast pepper and sweetcorn salad

After the above wedding it was on this one at Overbury Village Hall - and yes that is sunshine!


James Bond themed 007 course dinner party - replay

The name's Benson. James Benson. Wait a minute.... haven't I used that opening before? Naturally Mr Bond. That would be the James Bond themed dinner we cooked 2 years ago.

This time round, as we had a better prep team in the days before it gave us chance to make a few things a bit better.

Torpedo bread rolls. James Bond.... torpedo - geddit? (ref - You Only Live Twice)
Individual 007 menu cards for each guests so they could see what all the dishes were about - for all that info see the previous James Bond theme meal here.
Blinis with caviar (popular in the James Bond books) and smoked salmon for those not so into caviar. Diamond shaped blinis because as everyone knows Diamonds are Forever!

The 007th course - Simon Weaver brie  with black velevet (guinness and champagne) paste .
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Canapé beef wellington (beef en croute)

Monday, September 03, 2012
A little larger than a canapé this one (above) we made this for a wedding tasting a few weeks ago.  This will be part of an 'english street food' wedding breakfast we are serving next month - can't wait!
Beef fillet with chicken liver pate, spinach and creamed wild mushrooms.  Now that's a mouthful! Actually we're serving this larger than canapé version with knives and forks. 
For this english street food version served with red wine sauce