Curry night! Chicken passanda & lamb madras with soda naan bread, bhajis, kachumber & pilaf rice

Friday, August 24, 2012
Chicken passanda - based on this recipe, but loads of other things from the spice shelf added as well to taste.  
Madras powder for making lamb madras using this recipe souped up at the end with a bit of this, bit of that.
Toasting whole spices, then grinding them  - it 's the secret to  real flavour. The curry powder you buy ready made is so dull in comparison. You roll the raw diced meat in this powder then leave it to marinade overnight in the fridge. 
Cucumber, tomato and pomegranate kachumber - a recipe from  Ms Marmitelover's  Eat Pray Love press night which I helped out with last year
Soda naan bread (using this recipe) - with one guest having an onion and yeast allergy it meant everything being made in 2 batches - apart from the naan bread which we made all soda. Actually first time I'd made naan bread - something you keep putting off, but then realise how easy it is, and how many million times better it tastes than a brought version. 
Looking back now it all looks a similar colour - but this is without the lamb madras, slightly darker. This is everything they had asked for - but colourwise it's something worth thinking about for next time......
Pilaff rice from the rice cooker (essential piece of kitchen equipment)
Onion bhaji - a combination of this recipe and this one.
Bombay aloo - using this recipe with a few added extras including tomato coulis
Sweetcorn pakora - adapting this recipe


Jan Bennett said...

Oooh yes please that all looks delicious!

James said...

Yay - everyone loves a curry!