Blackberry and apple küchen and raspberry ripple cake

Friday, August 10, 2012
Ever since I'd picked up Nigella's Bites book I'd been wanting to try this blackberry and apple kuchen and finally last Tuesday was the day. A cross between bread and cake topped with bramley apples, juicy blackberries and a crumble topping - what could be better!? Well making it for yourself rather than giving it away, but c'est la vie.

Then there was this raspberry ripple cake. File this in the recipe file under 'n' for 'naughty but nice'
With raspberries inside, more are sprinkled on top with marshmallows  when you're almost  finished cooking, then put back in the oven to finish and toast the marshmallows - what could be more decadence on a Tuesday?
Will try with larger marshmallows next time which should melt. But seriously - marshmallows! There's a real cake topping!

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