Country feast barbecue wedding catering with yurts near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Monday, July 23, 2012
Marquee weddings - all very nice, but if you're after a wow factor is has to be a yurt. This was a wedding we catered for back at the beginning of June - a whole lifetime ago, but only if you measure in terms of food.
Yurts came from Yurts for Life - the one above was a separate children's tent - with a couple of entertainers keeping the children happy while the adults grazed on canapés by the lake. They had their own much larger yurt (in the background below).
To help keep the budget down we brought along our own gazebo to turn into a field kitchen.
Scallops wrapped in pancetta the night before

Thai style fish and fishless cakes (cheese, onion and sage)

Barbecue with a view. Sausages from Home Farm about 2 miles away as the crow flies made from their Gloucester Old Spot/ Berkshire breed pigs. Trying to get everything cooked before the rain set in....... 
Herby Madgetts Farm chicken wrapped asparagus  - see recipe link here
Harissa marinaded Home Farm lamb steaks and burgers too - keeping it local with real food!
Salad of grilled butternut squash, rocket, pommegranate, orange and  toasted almonds
Nicoise salad
There was also cous cous. We served all this on platters/ bowls which the waitresses tiook to the tables for guests to serve themselves family style - a great way to get everyone talking & make a more informal atmosphere.
Tomatoes - local are best - grown about 6 miles away from the wedding
Eton mess served in learge bowls one per table. Strawberries grown in the next door county (Herefordshire)
We made the eton mess a larger version of the shotglass eton mess below served at a dinner party a few months ago - i.e. separate. Halved/ quartered strawberries with strawberry coulis at the bottom, whipped cream with vanilla piped on top and crushed meringue on top. Looks much better I think when you mix it yourself at the table as you eat.
We also made large lemon tarts - again for guests to share at the table. What a feast! 

And after all this? It was time for a late night hog roast with guests - which became quite welcome as guests sheltered from the rain which fell later on in the evening (lovely British summer......)

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