Lobster Newburg & Cherry tomato tarte tatin

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Six years on and I've cooked at some amazing houses - add to this now The Folly, Didmarton near Tetbury - such a lovely country cottage!
Get the angles of the butchers block in the kitchen - 'interesting' to work on.....

This is taken from the dining table so it's one of those open kitchens where you watch it all happening in front of you while you eat - quite good when lobster is on the menu!

The host had chosen all her favourite dishes, unfortunately before her nutritionist had put her on a special diet, so she wasn't able to eat 2 out fo the 3 courses and I prepared something special for her (future post on dietary & allergy cooking coming up).
Cherry tomato and wild nettle tarte tatin with nettle pesto
"What's next chef?"
Lobster Newburg with roasted purple sprouting broccoli  with sides of new potatoes and kale with pomegranate and cashews 
Last year one of the clients we cooked for asked for lobster Newburg - her son's favourite dish. I realised how good it was so offered it to more people - the way most things take off really. It's all in the sauce - a brandy and sherry cream sauce with a little cayenne whisked into egg yolks just before serving to thicken. It's a slice of luxury! This was a half lobster, made slightly larger because one of the guests had had to return home to London early. You can also do this with a whole lobster.
You can see more on cooking lobsters here.
Freshly cooked while you're eating your starter
The chalkboard wall in the kitchen is a great idea - especially for the children!

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