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Sunday, June 24, 2012
"I was looking for an unusual gift voucher..... and found yours...."  That was 4 years ago. The lady buying the voucher was buying it for her sisters birthday - you can see the meal we cooked for her here. She enjoyed it so much she in turn brought a gift voucher for her brother which I served a month ago near Bath. Keep it in the family!
Blacksticks Blue cheesecake and the ever popular smoked salmon blinis
When you live in Britain you have to make the most of those balmy evenings - and this was one! The guests gathered outside on the terrace for drinks and canapés while they watched their meal come together in the kitchen.
Trio of smoked trout - Ballottine of salmon wrapped in smoked trout, smoked trout tartare and smoked trout fillet on courgette carpaccio
Smoking the trout fillet before I left - this is something you can't do at the venue - who wants the smoke billowing through their house?
Honey and lavender marinated leg of lamb
Leg of lamb for the main course - marinated in honey, lavender, soy, grain mustard, five spice and a few secret ingredients. Served with crushed Jersey royals - just coming into season at that time

Salad of grilled butternut squash, asparagus, feta and pomegranate with lime and olive oil dressing 
The good thing about large desserts you can serve yourself at the table is you take as much as you like! And of course you get left overs for the next day - they had a barbecue the next day.
Large passionfruit panna cotta - see 'recipe' here
Large apple tarte tatin - it was virtually demolished!
 See more info on our gift vouchers here.

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Gift voucher for a dinner party cooked in your home (1)

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