Plum sauce for duck spring rolls

Sunday, April 01, 2012
There's a good tip going round for food bloggers - watermark your photos to stop anyone else stealing them and passing them off as their own. This is not something I have to worry about - the photos I end up with are so bad nobody would ever want to steal them - they're always in a rush as you're sending food out to clients, or they're in the middle of the night in the kitchen.

This is a good case in point - taken around 3am in my little cottage some time at the beginning of February with the left overs from a canapé party. The  message remains the same though - why not make your own plum sauce? It's a million miles away from the one you buy in the supermarket - never worked out why the bottled version is a light - dark brown colour when plums are.... well plum coloured. Try this recipe - easy, but it will be a revelation from those ready made versions!

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