Scallop, prawn and salmon with vegetable noodles and whisky en papillote

Saturday, March 17, 2012
Wednesday 14th March 2012 - the epicality of this day will be long remembered. 25 events in one week - busiest ever Cheltenham March race week and the Wednesday was the epicentre.
The event I cooked for was a repeat booking from the year before at the White House. Although the house normally fits 12 - 14 we managed to squeeze in 25.
Scallops, tiger prawns (raw), salmon and vegetable noodles (carrot, celariac, leek) with tarragon, dill, ginger  & whisky.
Raw parsnip and pear salad bound in vinaigrette on the  side. Oscar  who had been working with me a few days this week had got me on to raw salads - great for an energy boost.
Pass the parcel?
The foil lined parchment btw is from Lakeland - a little tip from this event which seems like years ago......

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