Raspberry Mojito Sorbet Recipe

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Like mojito? Like raspberries? Why not combine them in a sorbet? (I actually had 3 shotglasses in one go - it's addictive stuff!)
Mojito - easily a hen party's favourite cocktail. We made the shotglasses below for a hen party we were serving with Party Angels last Friday at the 134 hotel in Stroud last Friday. 
After the hen party had had all the 14 canapés we took this in to finish it off. See recipe below.

Our venue, the 134 Hotel in Stroud (since changed name) was let out like a holiday house for the weekend - you get free rein with a caretaker on site should you need them. It's a neat concept - a cross between a hotal and a holiday apartment. A house with a bar - that's more like it!

Raspberry Mojito Sorbet Recipe

This seems to be the sorbet that gets everyone who works here saying they'll buy an ice cream maker - you can't buy sorbet like it! I found this recipe originally as a request for a hen party (mojito has to be the most popular hen party cocktail!) but it was so popular that night I started serving it on desserts too - and it always goes down well! 

No idea where the recipe came from now - it's been lost somewhere in the recipe mountain, but it was American, so is all measured in cups which I converted into mls. Originally they sieved the zest and mint out, but I like leaving it in for texture. Also makes it look homemade. 

Watch the amount of rum though - or it has trouble freezing. I've cut down the original amount as we have to transport it in cool boxes to venues and it has to stay frozen long enough. There have been some hairy moments where maybe the venue was a long journey away, or in the rush when we arrived, we forgot to move it from the cool box to the freezer and it's been super soft. In that case you put ice cubes in it, level it thinly on a plate or tray and get it on fast freeze and hope for the best it's frozen by the time you get to dessert. 
Lemon meringue pie with raspberry mojito sorbet
300ml water
300ml Sugar
5 Limes zested & juiced
600ml Raspberry puree (like this one, but it's normally half that price in the cash & carry)
200ml Rum
Mint cut into brunoise

Ways and Means
Melt all the sugar in some of the water - the less water you use to do this, the faster the mix cools down. When melted, take off the heat and add the rest of the water and other ingredients. Once the mix is cool refrigerate. Then churn in the ice cream/ sorbet machine. Mine takes 1 hour to churn due to the rum which slows down the freezing process. It is best to make this the day before you need it and let it freeze overnight. 

Note - due to the alcohol content it's not going to freeze solid in the ice cream/ sorbet maker. You have to let it finish freezing in the freezer. The sorbet maker however, gets the air and ice crystals in there to make it soft. 

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