Corporate team building cookery event - cook your own dinner party!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012
Go team!
Team photo. Eyes left! Someone else was taking their photo next to me on an  iphone - I  tried  the iphone, phew - technology!
 Last night's team building cookery event at  Hill House. "If only we worked together this well back at work" said one. They were cooking their 3 course evening meal from scratch in 2 hours. Everyone seemed to have a great time - it's amazing what you can do in such a short time when you work as a team!
Grilling prawns
We split the group into 3 teams - one team each taking a course each. Starters and desserts being prepared in the main kitchen and the main course in the second kitchen at the back of the house. We had made them a recipe booklet with all the recipes they needed and some plating up tips, so 'all' they had to do was come up with a plan of action and make all the components of their course come together at the right time. Gill and I were on hand to give them guidance and show them techniques, but they were in control.
Making carrot ribbons on the mandolin - no cuts. Note the glass of wine on the table there - cookery events are great!
 With all the preparation ready, it was time for the teams to check the football score quickly before sitting down for dinner. Each of the 3 teams were in charge of bringing their course together so were back in the kitchen to plate it up.
Finishing touches on the starter
 Trio of fish starters
Crab salad with pink grapefruit, salmon ballottine wrapped in smoked trout and grilled tiger prawns with fennel and apple salad
Prawns are the last thing to go on the starter. "Service!"  "Oh  that's us!"
Main course
 Free range chicken wrapped in pancetta
Garlic roast potato parisienne
Roast carrot ribbons with cumin seeds
Ras-el-hanout roasted cauliflower
The turn of the main course team. "So what do you want me to do?" I ask them "Gill's here too - what  do you want her to do?" There's not much time because the food has to go out hot and they have to decide where everything goes on the plate without it looking overcrowded. They bring it off pretty slickly.
The dessert team - glazing the lemon tart - everyone's favourite job!

Last thing to go on the plate is the orange sorbet - the first thing the dessert team had made  at the start of the evening. It just froze in the nick of time. Special touch on the tirimisu - a nip of amaretto on the top. 
Trio of desserts
Glazed lemon tart
Shotglass of amaretto & coffee tirimisu
Homemade orange sorbet

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