Tapas delivery for a hen party

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
I <3 accounts!
Grilled tiger prawns piri piri - always popular when we do them. Grilled and them mixed  with piri piri sauce.
Spot the sarcasm. Luckily my dad does most of the accounts - keep it in the family - but while reviewing the invoices this afternoon I found this event from November that I hadn't blogged - that's November 2010 (so far behind).

Stuffed peppers - finish in the oven to crisp the parmesan/ breadcrumb topping
Stuffed tomatoes as well 
Garlic and herb ciabatta croutes - top with sautéed mushrooms (seen below)
Sautéed mushrooms with shallots, garlic and chives. Heat & top the garlic croutes (above)
 Chorizo and corn empanadas - see them being made in this post: http://bit.ly/ai7F08
Meatballs in white wine & tomato sauce 
Soda bread (see recipe here) and honey and fennel seed semolina platt (see that one here)
Spanish style lamb cutlets
Baked cannellini beans to go with lamb cutlets above
An old family recipe which I've updated slightly. Maternal grandparents had a spanish friend who lived in the UK in the 60's -  and it was passed down through the ages in his family. It was served only at special occasions - and for special people. This one was made without seafood as there were some members of he group who couldn' t eat it. 
As I used belly pork in the paella I cut off the skin first to make crackling which you can serve with it -  it's everyone's favourite part!

There! Do you think that was enough?

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