Assiette of mini desserts and mini cheese courses

Friday, December 23, 2011
Hmm. Shall we go for cheese or dessert? Dessert or cheese? Decisions. Decisions. For this party we did both. On the same plate.

When I found this goats cheese cheesecake with strawberry granita recipe, @michaelnatkin also suggested another of his previous blog posts and I tried the cheese with wine jelly - in this case using Blacksticks Blue and mulled wine jelly (mulled wine is a necessity in December). 

The goats cheesecake I adapted from our normal cheesecake recipe (without the sugar of course), but because of the goats cheese didn't add cornflour - it sets just fine without.


125g Digestive biscuits
50g Unsalted butter


270g        Cream cheese/ ricotta
330g        Goats cheese
2 1/2        Eggs
120 ml      Creme fraiche
Chopped fresh thyme

(follow the cooking instructions on normal cheesecake recipe link above). I made these in muffin cases - so only took around 20 minutes cooking in oven.)

On the other side was shotglass of eton mess, lemon meringue pie and spoon of sticky toffee pudding.  

You can either eat this the french way - the cheese items before the dessert or the other way round. 

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