Chef in Venice #8 - Roast guineau fowl with sauteed apples, gremolata and a honey and lemon dressing

Tuesday, November 08, 2011
Just what you need after a day pounding the Venetian streets in search of the more obscure Biennale exhibits dotted around various houses, palazzos & churches. If truth be known these are often the most exciting. Found a great youtube vid below of someone who seems to have done a 4 day tour of the Biennale - great holiday memories.
Cooked on a potato trivet - the secret being all the roasting juices are absorbed by the potatoes, while at the same time the bird isn't sticking to the roasting tray. Keep the potatoes and re-use them another day, or serve them with it - so flavoursome.

I went for the light touch with this - no heavy red wine sauces/ gravies need apply. Instead, a gremolata (lemon zest, grated garlic, chopped rocket) sprinkled over the top and honey, lemon, mustard, prosecco, olive oil warm dressing bathing it. Light and refreshing! Underneath sauteed raddichio treviso (keep it local) and soft polenta. Thinking it could be adapted for a wedding dish some time in the future.


theundergroundrestaurant said...

Did you go for the biennale then? Looks great, did you make the video?

James said...

Yes - have a biennale addiction. Friend says the giardini is my 'spritual home'. Always so many amazing ideas there. Found the vid on you tube from someone else - hate people film photographing exhibits - seems wrong somehow.