Thai theme meal for a hen party

Friday, October 28, 2011
A few weeks before we had done a similar meal for the same organiser (but different set of guests). This time round they chose a similar menu - must have been good last time round.
Satay - prawns, pork, chicken & lamb

Prawn crackers - much better when you fry your own. The hens delved straight in.

Thai beef salad - love the purple carrots ......

Seabass poached in soy, chilli and ginger

Thai green curry from this amazing recipe. None of this left - always a good sign!

Thai style trio of desserts - Mango sorbet (amazing how everyone loves sorbet - so refreshing), black rice pudding and pinepple pastries - see links to recipes here.

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huntdonald said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I think you’ve accomplished an Important Thing here!

James said...

And I think you've accomplished an important piece of almost-spam here!