Chef in Venice #7 - Poached eggs with parma ham on toasted ciabatta

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
"We should write a 'survival guide to Venice on a budget'" said my friend last week.

Chiesa St. Barnaba..... at 8am (early start that day)

Chapter one would certainly be titled 'Cook for yourself'. Self catering should mean just that - it's hard to get out from a restaurant under €100 for 2 - and believe me, everyone you meet will like to tell you so, and that's before they start on the price of drinks. But go to the local Billa supermarket and markets in campo St. Margherita (not the Rialto - that's where tourists go) and that €100 goes a long way!

This was breakfast one day - poached eggs with parma ham on toasted ciabatta. When you're traversing the Ventian streets in search of Biennale exhibits you need a decent start
The eggs were supposed to be for making pasta - hence the vivid orange yolks. Didn't stretch to making pasta - it was a holiday after all - but they were rather good like this!

Don't forget the coffee though - it starts every Italian's day. It also has to get a mention in surviving Venice on a budget - make a macchiato at your place and it's going to be around 10 cents vs €2 - €3 (most often around the €3 mark) when you are out and about. Might be wonderful coffee (actually nobody makes it like the Italians, but still, when you're just a poor chef.......

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Sophie said...

Are you aware that if you stand at the bar to drink your coffee it's much cheaper?
I don't know what the limit is in Venice, but the price of an espresso in Rome is limited to 1 euro. It's only if you sit down to drink it that you'll be charged the earth!

James said...

It is absolutely - copped on to that one. That was going to be chapter 2. One place a drink outside was 4 euros 50, at the bar, 2 euros 50. Same with food. Great when you know how! :)