Salt beef with french bean and red onion salad & sherry dressing

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
"That's the best thing I've seen come from this kitchen since I started" Sean said on Saturday.

It helps when you get to know the farmers. I called them up Monday night after getting back from a delivery to see if they had any brisket to make this - it needed to be marinaded that night in time for the weekend. There's no time to waste.
So I went over, and rather than just give me the brisket they actually marinaded it as well - with the same secret recipe they use for their amazing bacon. Vacuum packed it marinades so much faster.
Then it goes in cold water with carrots, onions, leek, parsley stalks, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and peppercorns. Left in the oven between 3 and 7am it was ready just in time for a ton of bacon and sausages to go in the oven for a breakfast delivery - 24 hour kitchen.
French bean salad - french beans, red onion, artichoke, ceaser style dressing with Maille sherry vinegar.
Blurry blackberry photo of it being plated up:

Didn't finish there though. As Sean was packing up at the venue the host had spied a bit of the beef left over and asked to keep it for the next day. Must have been good!

Edit 25th February 2012
Pickled veg on 25 Feb - cauliflower, carrot, celariac, onions, okra. As this party was having french beans with the main course I changed the starter slightly - and came up with something quite good (well I thought so. Actually they must have as well - completely empty plates, always a good sign).

25 Feb pickled vegetables (as above) plate up with celariac remoulade. Only one thing missing of course - the salt beef. That was keeping warm on the stove as the guests were moving through to the dining room. Suddenly they were sitting down and I leapt into carving action. As I was also serving that party, somewhere along the line, forgot to take a photo of the finished and used all the salt beef - c'est la vie of a busy chef.......,.
Dec 2013 at Temple Guiting Manor

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