Thai style lunch near Stratford-on-Avon

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
A birthday celebratory meal for my longest standing repeat customers and all made fresh once I got to their apartment. They had recently had thai style sea trout in a restaurant in Cirencester and had enjoyed it so much they wanted to try it again, so I tried it with the local trout from the trout farm.

Thai style canape starter

  • Shotglass of thai style crab salad
  • Prawn and vegetable rice paper wrap
  • Spoon of larb - this was a revelation when Adam first made it after his Thai trip - thai fish sauce, minced pork, loads of lime, lemon grass, ginger, fresh mint & coriander thrown in at the last minute. Unbelievable. We served a couple of seconds of this too.
  • Thai style chicken satay with satay dip which also went with the prawn wrap

Main course - Trout in coconut milk baked en papillotte with lemon grass, lime, ginger, garlic, basil (fresh from the garden of one of the guests) and coriander
Coconut and lime pilaff rice and thai style stir fried vegetables topped with roasted rice.
Cooking en papillotte means you get all the aromas as you open it at the table. It also keeps the fish wonderfully moist.

Trio of Thai style desserts

  • Tab tim grob - a variation on this recipe (maybe red food colouring needs to be more). I left them guessing what this was till the end. Water chestnuts - who would have thought it? It's so light and refreshing - just what you need on a warm day.
  • Gluay ping - grilled bananas in palm sugar syrup - popular street food. See more info here . Cooked these on the grill pan while they were eating the main course - charred flavour worked well. Helps if they're slightly underripe.
  • Chocolate and mango mousse - a variation on this recipe

With coffee

Khanom Mo Gaeng

This was Hannah's contribution - she had been making this while I packed up 3 other events going on on the Sunday morning.

Again we left them guessing what this was. What? Shallots on top of something sweet? Sounds strange, but tastes so good.

We had started off with this recipe, but among the million other ingredients passing through the kitchen that weekend had forgotten to cook the mung beans, but had some chestnuts we were using for something else so made a little substitution - isn't that how all the best things are found?

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