How to start a restaurant or supper club in your own home

Thursday, May 19, 2011
Well these people will know because they've been there, done it and got the apron:It's on this Saturday 21st May - get there (the place where the UK underground restaurant movement all started). I went to a previous event there - the food bloggers conference in February. If I ever find time around my 7 day a week schedule I might even put some of it into practice.
Why would you ever go to a normal conference again? Much more intimate - you feel much more part of it, and you actually get to interact with the speakers, you get to meet up with all those people you've 'met' online but never seen face to face and get to meet some great new people, and of course, with this one you'll get first hand evidence of a home restauarant service - home cooked lunch included. There'll be home restaurants accross the nation in no time.

Click on the picture above for info & ticket info.


theundergroundrestaurant said...

Love it! Got the apron :)
When are you starting a Cotswolds supper club then?

James said...

Maybe when I can perfect cloning and then one of my other selves can do it ;) 8 events this weekend and another tomorrow - just not enough hours in the day. Could do with a bigger house for it too - you could fit 2 diners in mine, 4 might be a bit uncomfortable. I keep thinking about new premises - combining work & living accom. - like disused pub which could be converted - would be good for supper club, but like everything else, too busy to get round to it.

Keep missing your calls btw - sorry, always seem to be driving or left the phone somewhere.....