Beetroot, nettle and feta filo tart with beetroot pesto

Sunday, May 15, 2011
"Nutter!"That's what the guy walking past me on the old railway called me yesterday. Result! Obviously he's not used to people picking nettles. Probably not tried nettle risotto I guess. Doesn't realise what he's missing out on!

I was picking bare hand though that might have something to do with it - the experienced nettle picker doesn't need gloves - it's all about the minute hairs on the nettles, like cats you can't stroke them the wrong way or they let you know.

The nettles for this tart were picked a couple of weeks before - the day after the royal wedding for a royal wedding themed hen party.
Photo by Party Angels who were running front of house so slickly

Just before serving them I went in to the kitchen garden at Upper Court to find chives to use on the main course and found their chive flowers in full bloom (mine had still been closed when I'd left home), so I picked some of these and sprinkled these over the starter.

Quick recipe -

Cut out filo pastry to fit tart cases - need 4 layers of filo per tart. Brush each of the 4 layers with melted butter and fit to the tart case (using foil tins is nice and easy). Diced cooked (not pickled) beetroot, sauteed nettles (see my nettle tips here) and feta. Liason - egg and cream/ milk combo (3 eggs to a pint (450 mls) and work on about 50 mls per person) + seasoning, ground nutmeg & whatever herbs you can find in the garden. Bake around 15 - 18 mins till set. If the pastry is burning on the edges before the filling in set cover it with foil. They are best cooked and served - re-heating in oven doesn't give best results.

Beetroot pesto - see here. Sounds strange to begin with, but is really good.

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