Assiette of desserts (including pimms jelly)

Monday, March 14, 2011
"Ooooh - that tastes just like summer!" said one guest
  • Shotglass of Pimms jelly
  • Mini lemon meringue pie
  • Spoon of sticky toffee pudding
  • Mini rum baba
  • Mango sorbet

The assiette of desserts we serve has become rather legendary since we started doing it 3 years ago. Each one is slightly different depending on what the guests choose. After doing the pimms jelly with barbecued lavender scented strawberries last year (see here - scroll down to Monday evening), I thought I would try out the Pimms jelly on the assiette too. There's a recipe here if you really need one.

Mango sorbet normally goes in a shotglass - but there was last minute panic packing up. Although we had over 140 shotglasses a few years ago to do a wedding we were down to 10 (breakages & some left at a delivery still to pick up). Just enough to set the jelly, but none left for the mango sorbet. So it was a quick dash into Cheltenham on the way to the venue. But, while the 3 supermarkets we tried all had loads in stock last year, now they had none. Apparently they only stock them for Christmas. Pah - some of us do fancy dining all year round. I did find these black egg cups in Waitrose though - and I think they look rather good against the white plates. Might carry on using these now.

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