1001 Kitchen Tips #64 - "Can I sear a steak on the griddle and then wait a few hours before finishing it in the oven - for entertaining guests."

Monday, March 21, 2011
Someone just found the blog through googling that very phrase. And as Obama would say - 'yes you can!'
Flame grilled steak

It's something I've been doing since a few months after I started the business. Originally I used to take the steaks raw and the grill pan and do them there. Of course, soon I found that every time we did that the smoke alarm in whatever house would go off straight away - and this really ruins the party atmosphere.

So since then I sear them on the griddle pan in my kitchen, blast chill them and keep them cool in the fridge till they are ready to be packed & then transport them in the refridgerated van. When we get to the venue they just need to be finished in the oven for c 12 - 15 minutes for medium (fillet) (slightly less for rib eye if they are thinner) - normally put them in the oven as we serve the starter. When done to the desired 'doneness' you can take them out the oven to rest, then flash them back in the oven before serving for 2 - 3 mins to re-heat.
If you are doing this is at home the advantage is, as well as breaking the prep in two, you also have a few hours for the smoky smell wafting through the house to dissipate - much better when you are entertaining guests.

Note - steak should be kept in the fridge till needed after searing and cooling - you want to keep your guests safe.

Grilled fillet of beef with chilli and garlic baked chickpeas, french beans wrapped in pancetta and rosti potato
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Bah - I forget such details ;) No - course not. Just let them cool down (preferably on a cooling rack over a tray - this collects any dripping blood) after searing on the grill pan, then when cool you can refrigerate them. Covered with cling film of course, and on the lowest shelf in the fridge in case they drip blood over the rest of the fridge contents. How about that?

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