Pheasant ballottine

Monday, February 07, 2011
Last of the season from the nearby Overbury Estate.Quite a labour of love. When you're de-boning pheasants you also need to take out stray bits of shot too. And the legs have fine bones which also need to be removed. All these bones can be roasted and made into stock for the sauce.

It helps to have 2 people doing this - I was removing the main bones, legs and wings and Hannah was removing shot and the fine leg bones, and the removing the leg meat from the skin.

Leg meat was chopped, mixed with sage, onion, mix spice, prunes, few breadcrumbs to bind and rolled up.

FAQ - What does ballottine mean?

De-boned and rolled into a cylindrical shape with a stuffing in the middle.

Like this is looks much nicer plated up. Plus you get to use the bones for the sauce.

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