White and dark chocolate marbled cheesecake

Friday, January 21, 2011
Possibly the only thing I managed to snap on New Years eve - should have been wearing rollerskates in the kitchen that day!

On a mission to make as many different cheesecake variations as poss (there's some here as well as a basic recipe) I found this variation (recipe alert) in the summer and thought it would be ideal for NYE.

As it was part of a chocolate trio - with white chocolate and orange mousse in a shotglass and dark chocolate and raspberry tart (like the one below we served back in May 2010) - I made these in cake cases. Don't forget the great tip from Marg's blog http://bit.ly/c1QCI8 - brush the cases with oil to stop the cheesecake sticking to the case.

So so pushed for time, so I took the bases and mix and made them when we got there. It's always good when you turn up at the venue and the guests are at the singing stage already :)
Once the cheesecakes had cooled I stuck them in the fridge - and they just cooled in the nick of time. You can't beat it for freshness.

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Jan said...

Love the marbled effect!