Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearing the voice after some 6 years or so is quite odd - it's kind of seared on the memory.... in all tones & volumes.
Working for him for 6 years was life changing - in terms of motivation, organisation, technical skills, team leading and confidence I guess. Oh and in terms of cooking too.
I think he tried to offer me a job in a roundabout way when he moved from Claridges to the Ritz but I was quite happy where I was at the time - there was one more bit to do.
It led to what I do now - and that's something I really enjoy. As I always say to the people I cook for as they're hanging around the kitchen - it's much better now cooking in these wonderful houses - a different one each week. And I actually get to meet the people I cook for. And how can you compare dashing through the Cotswold vilages, calling in at farms on the way to pick up ingredients to commuting through London in the packed tubes each day?

See full interview here:

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Chris said...

The video interview shows that your mentor is definitely an expert in the field of cooking and management.

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