Melting moments fishcakes

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Cod and salmon fishcakes with a cube of mozzarella rolled into the middle.

This was part of a delivery meal back on 21st December - the delivery was going to get there whether I had to take it the last couple of miles on a sledge or not. That last single track country road up to the house is rather isolated.

As it turned out getting there was fine. Evening meals for 2 days delivered. But then, on the way back, I had to reverse into a passing place to allow someone coming the other way to pass. As soon as they passed I went to pull out, then found I was stuck - wedged into the snow. Well and truly. Luckily I'm prepared (after an incident in the Welsh hills when I was 19) and carry a spade, blanket and thermos in the van. Also had the walking boots on which helped. Managed to dig the van out, but still no traction - was -12 or something by then. So I laid the blanked under the front wheels and after a few attempts managed to stall it onto the blanket to get some traction. Half an hour later I was back on the road. The delivery route which normally takes just under 2 hours took 4 hours overall - but there you go. Come floods (drove through floods half submerging van & car in 2007), snow, ice, extreme heat (road was melting earlier in summer), we'll be there. We don't give up & we don't close - whatever happens we'll be there.


Lucy said...

Wow that is some dedication to good food there! These fishcakes look delicious, love the mozzarella idea - reminds me of arancini.

James said...

Oh yes - put mozz in the middle of arancini - I keep forgetting....