South American beans on toast

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
They say chefs have some of the worst eating habits - must be something to do with the hours. You can spend all day making amazing food for your customers, but when it comes to cooking for yourself it can be quite a different thing. I often find I'm eating sometime between 1 and 4am when I get home - if you don't you're on go slow later in the day.

My great aunt's south american pie (corned beef, baked beans, tomato, cheesy mash) was often a pre-cub night snack when I was young - great fast food & also great when camping.
So for last night's (well this early morning's) scooby snack I just adapted it slightly to make an even quicker version - soft bap with corned beef flashed under the grill so the corned beef warms & softens. Then some of my beer baked beans warmed & put on top finished with grated St. Kenelm & reflashed under the grill. Subway would be proud........

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