1001 Kitchen Tips #62 - Make your own stock cubes

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
These were made back in September following this pig roast. After everyone has had their fill of the pig roast I slice up whatever is left and leave it in the fridge for guests to eat later or to take home for the next day. Sometimes the hosts/ guests like to keep the bones - dogs love them - or I take the remaining bones away and use them for stock. Roasting the hog for 6 - 8 hours does makes the most amazing stock!

Keep the stock going for 6 - 8 hours so all the flavour comes out of the bones. Then strain and bring it back to the boil and reduce it till it is a thick glace. Pour this into a baking tray, cover with greaseproof paper (why? see this tip here) and let it chill then refrigerate it till set hard. Cut into squares and freeze in a freezer proof bag.

Next time you are making a sauce or casserole just drop the stock cube in. When melted bring the sauce/ casserole back to the boil for 30 seconds (safety reasons).

You don't have to have bones from a whole hog roast of course - if you're making these at home every time you have a roast, or if you've been cutting meat off the bone prior to cooking, freeze the left over bones till you have a sufficient amount to fill your stock pot and you can make a batch all in one go.

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