Strawberry and pistachio tart & clementine tart

Thursday, November 04, 2010
Another blast from the past. June in fact, when the sun shone (this is a rare enough occurance in our country so is always worth noting).
English strawberries. Creme patisserie filling. You want tart case making tips? Try these. On top of the strawberries a little champagne glaze - champagne set with gelatine. There's no point doing things by half.....
Similar idea with the clementine - creme pat underneath and the segments on top. Although when I got to the house I removed the pistachio 1/2 (couldn't have both tarts with pistachio), sprinkled the top with demerara and glazed with the blow torch.


Lucy said...

Oh these dishes remind me of sunny summer days! Delicious and cheery :)

James said...

If only it could be summer every day... :o)