1001 Kitchen tips #59 - How to grill onions / Aaaah! The onions have fallen apart there has to be a better way of doing this.....

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Good for when you're doing a barbecue or special meal, not so important when you're making onions for burgers or hotdogs.
1. When cutting the onion make sure the root is kept in tact. Each wedge should be attached to the root - this keeps it together while you grill.
2. Put a cocktail stick exactly through the middle (after the first 100 you get faster) so it holds each segment of the onion together. Then roll in a bit of olive oil and salt.
3. Grill. Best turned over with a pallette knife underneath. Tongs are too inprecise and the onions have this habit of falling apart - not fun.
4. When browned on both sides it is quite probable they still need to be cooked through (if they're grilled onions you expect them to be soft - not crisp). Best way to do this is on a baking tray with baking mat and cover them with foil to stop them burning. Cook till soft.
5. Off they go.

P.S. This was taken back in June in asparagus season, but as business took off there is a nice backlog of blogposts.

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