Childrens party food delivery in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Monday, September 13, 2010
Edit 03/03/13
To see more from another children's party we did recently click on the picture above.


You know me - turn my hand to anything (bar celebration/ wedding cakes - one day I'll go on a course). Childrens food? No problem. Great fun to make actually - it had been a while.
This was a delivery I did to Cheltenham at the begining of July - this took care of the morning, then in the afternoon it was off to Ross on Wye to start the 8 day breakfast, lunch and dinner holiday chef job - never like to do things by halves.

As well as the requisite finger sandwiches (marmite, jam & egg - though not all together) we did a few Home Farm sausages made into cocktail size on sticks, chicken goujons and sausage rolls. And mini cheese and tomato pizzas:
and cheese and pineapple aka Mr & Mrs Prickles.
Raspberry jelly
Cupcakes - how can a childrens party be complete without cupcakes at the moment?


Paula said...

What a great blog!

This looks so delicious!

Have a nice time!

James said...

Ditto - lots of good things over at your place (with the help of google translater).

Margaret said...

I could eat all of that food, childrens party or not!

James said...

Know what mean =)

Whenever we do a buffet where the adults and children eat together we have to make sure the children get there first otherwise the adults have tucked into their food instead.