90th birthday lunch at Royal Court, Cheltenham

Monday, September 06, 2010
90th birthday what a great milestone! The family I cooked for before at the Royal Court care home in Cheltenham on Mothers Day earlier in the year must have liked it - they booked again for their Mother's birthday on bank holiday Monday - this time for the whole family - 9 in total.As luck has it their mothers/ grandmother's flat is right opposite the communal dining room. I set up as the last residents had finished their lunch. There are no cooking facilities there - the cooking for the care home is all done in the main kitchen downstairs down and down a couple of coridoors - not at all practical for serving a lunch party, so I take my own electric oven and gas stove and use their hot cupboard. It's quite a tight fit - only a sink unit and small work space to use with all your ingredients and equipment on trolleys. Logistics are always fun. But as I always say we're used to anything - after the disused air control tower, the car showroom where we had to climb under the cars to get to the little kitchen, finding myself in a Portugese hotel kitchen on my own, and endless marquee events (including the one last week where we cooked without an oven) anything is possible.
45 stone - I wasn't sure whether I should get in the lift or send it up on its own ;-)

Down the corridoor from where I was serving lunch I passed the hair salon - that place has everything you need on site.

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